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Anatomy and Physiology BIO105


General Microbiology

General Microbiology BIO108


Foundation of Nursing Practice

Course Description


The focus of the first nursing course is health promotion, restoration and maintenance. The health promotion and maintenance focus addresses basic need satisfaction; e.g., safety, oxygenation, hygiene, food and fluid, rest, activity and elimination.  The health restoration focus addresses the nursing actions precipitated by selected adult patients experiencing pain, inflammation, infection, surgery, alterations in oxygenation and mobility status.  Communication, basic research skills, informatics and technology, a philosophy of caring, and ethical/legal standards of practice are presented as essential to professional role development.


The course introduces the student to the major categories of patient needs: Safe, Effective Care Environment, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity and Physiological Integrity.  The concepts of adaptation, nursing process, communication, clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice are included in the design, along with the Nurse of the Future Concepts, Skills and ACEN Core Values. 


The concurrent clinical component of the course provides the students the opportunity to participate in collaboration with the inter-professional team, appreciate the micro/macrosystem of the care environment and to begin to contribute to quality improvement.


Evaluation of course/outcome achievement by the student and faculty provide mutual feedback.  The process of self-evaluation promotes self-understanding and professional development.