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Modified 12 September 2019

Self Development Modules

The self development module is designed to encourage the students to build on their individual strength and to overcome challenges, The concepts and strategies in these modules have been developed from evidence-based psychological practice, primarily Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT). CBT for social anxiety is based on the approach that anxiety is a result of problematic cognitions (thoughts) and behaviours

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Modified 8 September 2019

Wellness Program

The wellness course is a service offered to GTNI'€™s students aiming to foster their Psychological well being (PWB) that increases social connectedness, enhances life satisfaction and improves physical health (Bowman & Kitayama, 2009; Ryff, 2008 annt5) and hence positively affect student success, achievement and performance, and satisfaction within the institute.

The Course focuses to introduce to the students to the positive psychological aspects important for easing their transition to the challenging higher education setting they are asked to be part of.
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Modified 15 September 2019

Language Support


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GTNI Student Handbook

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Institute Governance

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Final Examination Results

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Coronavirus Information Hub

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Housing Services

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GTNI Final Exams
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